Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have moved again ...

It seems like ages since I last wrote for this blog. Last September, I moved with my advisor to the University of Edinburgh to begin my PhD. It took me longer than I thought to settle in Edinburgh as the atmosphere of the city, ESPECIALLY the gloomy weather, is quite different to that which I am accustomed to. Folklore has it that there are only sixty sunny days in Edinburgh in a year on average. I presume that forty of these days are in the summer. The other peculiarity that you can find in Edinburgh is the wind and rain. If you live outside Edinburgh and think that your city is windy, then I suggest that you come to visit Edinburgh. Actually, you'll find that the combination of wind and rain makes umbrella pretty much useless!

Anyway, apologies to my avid readers that I was silent for so long. Provided there is time and interest, I will blog again on a weekly basis.