Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How to be a good blogger

Having just started my own blog, I have recently been thinking about what one needs to do to be a good math/logic blogger. After some serious meditations, I realize that this question is equivalent to 'how to make a fine piece of math/logic writing', whose answers can be found in books like Mathematical Writing by Donald Knuth et al. Nevertheless, there are some additional, but equally important, things that good bloggers need to do:

  1. Be controversial.
  2. Utilize the ability to hyperlink (preferrably to free online resources).
  3. Learn how to use MathML. Here is a seemingly good
    tutorial (I haven't perused this meticulously enough though). If you already know LaTeX and are using a Unix-like OS, you may want to use Ttm to convert LaTeX to MathML.
  4. Lastly, having just a bit of sense of humor doesn't hurt. I wonder though if logicians have a sense of humor?

I guess I have hitherto successfully and continuously violated every single one of these tips (Oops). Ah well ... I guess there is still tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) was a logician with a sense of humour. For evidence, read his article "What the tortoise said to Achilles" in the journal "Mind" (1895), (available from, if your institution has a subscription).

Good blog, BTW!

Jon said...

The bloggerhacks comment hack is quite good too. It is available here:

I suppose I better learn how to use something like MathML, since ascii can only go so far!

twidjaja said...

Jon, I just tried bloggerhacks comment hack but to me it seems quite limiting ... so I decided to stick with the default setting. Thanks for the link anyway.

Anonymous said...

You may also enjoy this blog, by Andrej Bauer, on mathematics and computation:

-- Peter

twidjaja said...

Peter, thanks for the pointer to Andrej Bauer's blog.