Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Interning in Los Alamos National Laboratory

Howdy! I have just recently started a summer research internship in Los Alamos National Laboratory. As my summer research topic is not directly related to logic, I will probably have to switch to a hibernation mode as far as blogging Logicomp is concerned. I will definitely resume with Logicomp when I start my graduate studies in Toronto (early September). One interesting thing that I plan to post on Logicomp in the future is the "Favorite Logic of the Month" in which I will mention my favorite logic of that month and a general method for proving (in)expressibility.

Anyway, until then I hope everyone have a great time!


Kenny said...

Have a nice summer! Will logic of the month be done over the summer, or just when you get back to this in the fall?

Jon said...

Have fun, but watch out over there!


Jon said...

Hmm, maybe this url will look better:


Anthony Widjaja To said...

Kenny and Jon, thanks!

Kenny: I'll probably start posting these when I get back in the fall.

Jon: Thanks for the URL. I heard of this too from people here.

good luck to both of you!