Friday, September 23, 2005

Toronto's temperature: the extremes

The last couple of weeks have been quite hot in Toronto (mostly around 25 degrees C). I actually heard that this is unusually hot for September in Toronto. The humidity just makes it worse. You'll find yourself taking a shower three to four times per day.

Since last night, Toronto's temperature has cooled off quite a bit. Throughout today it's been around 18 degree C, just the perfect temperature. I wish it would be like this all year round. But that was just wishful thinking, because I have to be prepared for -20 degrees C in December and January. Actually somebody told me that during winter in Toronto, the wind can be quite strong. This will just make it worse ...


Mauro said...

If you want to have an idea of what hot really is try
Milan (Italy) 38 DEG CENT Humidity 90%

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing. Toronto is getting cold day by day. Check out Toronto Temperature: