Saturday, January 07, 2006

Starting the year 2006

Sorry for having been silent for quite a while. This winter "break" turned out to be quite a busy one for me, with quite a bit of homework and research to do. Anyway, belated happy new year! I hope that this will be a great and productive year for all of us.

I just resumed reading the lattest on the blogsphere, with still quite a bit of catching up to do. For now, I will mention mention a couple of noteworthy things that happened:

  1. Kenny Easwaran wrote an introductory article on "forcing", a well-known technique in set theory for proving independence results. I will write more on it when I finish reading the article.
  2. Igor Naverniouk, a PhD student from University of Toronto, just started a new blog on True Artificial Intelligence. The first couple of entries look quite interesting.

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