Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Resuming to Blog

Apologies for being silent for a long time. Thanks for those who for the last few months left comments on my blog or emailing me directly, and apologies if I did not reply. Until very recently, I was not so sure of which research track in finite model theory I wanted to pursue for my graduate studies, even though I have a general overview of the area. It is a difficult, but crucial, task for a new researcher in finite model theory (I believe even for 1st year graduate students like myself) to pin down exactly where (s)he should start, as the area is both deep and diverse. Realizing that this is extremely important, I desperately tried to read more and talk more with my advisor and others (yes, at the expense of blogging and replying emails). I am glad to say that I have found something that I really like and am confident that I can contribute to; which also implies that I may resume blogging.

I realize that it will take some time for my blog readers to resume reading this blog (I certainly hope they will), and so I will start slow. Just in case you are in Toronto, I am planning to start a reading group focusing on "monadic theory of tree-like structures" and applications to computer verification (e.g. see this book). If you're curious but not sure of what it is, don't worry as I will give you a flavor of the area in the next few posts. The goal is to get a big picture of the area, know which problems are open, and understand important proof ideas without having to read each paper. [Each participant will take turn to present one result each time we meet.] Everyone is warmly welcome to participate. [I will make a more detailed announcement in a week.]

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