Thursday, October 20, 2005

Special Programmes on Logic and Algorithms in Cambridge

During the first half of next year, there will be a series of workshops on Logic and Algorithms (broadly construed) at Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cambridge). Looking at their workshop titles is enough to convince ourselves that there is something for everyone:

  1. Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory (9-13 January).

  2. Logic and Databases (27 February - 3 March).

  3. Mathematics of Constraint Satisfaction: Algebra, Logic, and Graph Theory (20-24 March).

  4. New Directions in Proof Complexity (10-13 April).

  5. Constraints and Verification (8-12 May).

  6. Games and Verification (3-7 July).

There will be quite a number of invited speakers from University of Toronto. They include Stephen Cook, Leonid Libkin, and Toniann Pitassi.

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