Friday, March 17, 2006

403 Forbidden

Some of you have informed me of not being able to access this blog recently. In fact, I am aware of this problem when trying to publish some of my recent posts.

I recently learned that is caused by problems with some of the Blogger's servers (for more, read this). This affects some, but not all, blogs from Blogger (unfortunately, including Logicomp). But, this problem goes away usually within 24 hours. So, if your computer fails to access this blog next time, please be patient and come back the following morning :-)


Ben said...

Great to have your blog back Anthony :) fyi I found this interview with Moshe Vardi from Fortnow's blog. There's an interesting discussion of finite model theory within (pg. 59).

twidjaja said...

Thanks, Ben. Will check it out.